Real Estate Associate Broker

I help assist with Buying Selling Renting Real Estate of all types. Call TODAY for more information.

Phone: 306-229-8949

Major Building and Repair Jobs at Home

I have a wide range of professional companies I can directly connect you with to do all types of Home projects big or small!

Minor Fix-ups

I can directly connect you to a various range of Home Fix-it companies to help do repairs for smaller items around you home.

Home Inspection

A Professional Home Inspection is critical for any purchase. I have a very qualified Inspectors with loads of practical background to do excellent identification with a properties physical attributes.


I have numerous connection to help get a valued Professional Appraisal for any style property. Give you an up to date value on any of your properties. All types in all areas without difficulty from current Real Estate market movement!

Property Purchase

Another very valuable task is identifying suitable properties for clients of all social & economic backgrounds! I have helped with everything from House Trailers to Million Dollar plus properties!

Property Sales

I help Clients evaluate their properties valued features in order to gain a timely Sale. My previous 18 years as an Electrician help me pin point specific qualities of any property.

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